Commitment to Diversity


  • In the United States, systems of power exist which have distributed privilege and access unequally for generations. Continuous work is required to acknowledge, dismantle, and correct such systemic intergenerational inequities.
  • Only by holding ourselves accountable to acknowledge, address, and challenge both our privilege and our inequalities can we work toward equity and justice.
  • Equitable access to a full, vibrant creative life is essential to a healthy and democratic society.
  • Cultural equity is critical to the long-term viability of the arts sector.
  • The prominent presence of artists challenges inequities and encourages alternatives.

  • KC VITAs is dedicated to the creation and performance of new music through inclusivity, equity, and diversity. We raise our united voices against marginalization of all federal, state, and local protected classes (and those that have been traditionally marginalized in the Arts) so that voices from all walks of life continually exist in, and inform, our policies, programming, and audiences. With guidance from Americans for the Arts, KC VITAs is adopting the following policies:

    KC VITAs is committed to reviewing and adding to the policies above in order to best reflect how we can most positively impact our communities and promote inclusion, equity, and diversity.